Aaro Viral Meeti Sung By Divya Menon

As i told earlier i like music very much.Romantic songs are one of my favorites, i really like to hear them.Here is Divya S Menon singing "Aaro Viral Meeti" from the movie"Pranaya Varnangal".Orginally the song was sung by "K.S.Chithra", and music was done by "Vidyasagar".

Divya Chechi has sung that song very beautifully and has more than just to that song.Hope you all would enjoy it.

For Broadband:

For Dialup:

Check it out and do let him know your comments.

Suttrum vizhi in Guitar By Arun M

As i told earlier i like music very music and music is my passion and breath.Here is Arun M playing Suttrum Vizhi in guitar. He doesn't have any training and is a self-taught guitarist. An amazing one.

Suttrum vizhi at Muziboo.com

Check it out friends and do let him know your comments.

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I am Sreerag,a 14 year old boy from the southern India, Kerala..I like music a lot and music is my life...I am a small keyboardist too